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HW8000 Wine Cabinet

Liebherr Appliances, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium refrigeration for more than 60 years, introduces its HW 8000 fully integrated pantry-style 24-inch wine cabinet. The new 24-inch wine cabinet blends in beautifully with any kitchen cabinetry for the ultimate dream kitchen, in combination with Liebherr refrigerators and freezers. The wine cabinet panels can be customized to match cabinetry heights of 70-, 80-, or 84-inches. Up to 80 wine bottles are stored on sleek wooden shelves, while providing sophisticated wine presentation with an attractive labeling system. The well-organized interior is illuminated with cool LED lighting, which emit less heat and no UV radiation, preserving the best quality of stored wines. Available in stainless steel, black, and white glass, this piece is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. The engineering on the inside of a Liebherr appliance is every bit as sophisticated as the design on the outside. The HW 8000 features two different temperature zones to ensure that red and white wines are stored at the correct temperature. Interior features like SoftSystem automatically close the door, even when the door is fully loaded, and a safety thermostat ensures the wine cabinet never reaches temperatures lower than 32° F to prevent damage to the stored wines.


The well-organized interior is illuminated with cool LED lighting, which emit lesser heat and no UV radiation, preserving the best quality of stored wines.

Liebherr is known for product excellence and innovation in freestanding, fully integrated, built-in and wine storage refrigeration units.Liebherr takes the lead in both environmentally conscious manufacturing practices and energy efficient products.Key product features and why they are important:Better Food PreservationHighlighted by dual refrigeration and Liebherr's patented BioFresh® system, Liebherr products create the ideal climate for perfect preservation and long-term freshness. BioFresh® is unparalleled in the industry – high humidity compartments actually create an environment where vitamins in fresh fruit and vegetables can continue to grow. Groceries last longer and are more nutritious.Better Use of SpaceInnovative FrostSafe freezer drawers keep cold air from escaping when the door is open. These individual transparent drawers make all items easy to see and access – even at the very back of a bottom mount refrigerator. Liebherr's removable and flexible drawer system, called VarioSpace, allows expansion for oversized items such as a turkey or large container. Better Energy Efficiency and Noise ControlThe refrigerator is the only appliance in the home that runs 24/7. For this reason, high efficiency is essential for energy savings and the environment. Liebherr's variable temperature compressors are always on at the perfect speed – there are no “on” and “off” surges that eat up power. Competitive products place their compressors on top at the front of the unit and essentially, act like a speaker to the kitchen. Liebherr compressor systems are at the bottom and the back, and are therefore SuperQuiet - virtually silent to the human ear.Beautiful, Contemporary DesignWith strong European influences, the sleek look of Liebherr products hold strong appeal to every kitchen décor. Liebherr offers the professional styling of stainless steel finishes or the choice to use with an overlay or framed to match cabinetry. This flexibility and the attention to detail is coveted by the design trade.The list of green achievements by Liebherr, is a long one, and ActiveGreen best summarize Liebherr's proactive stance. ActiveGreen is a corporate mission to achieve the highest ENERGY STAR® rating, to set the example and encourage other North American manufacturers to be RoHS compliant as Liebherr did in mid-2007, and to have the least damaging effect on the environment through responsible manufacturing practices. Liebherr's entire product line of indoor refrigeration meets and exceeds the new guidelines for ENERGY STAR®, making Liebherr the only brand in the North American marketplace to achieve these standards. All Liebherr appliances in North America met RoHS compliance making Liebherr the FIRST refrigeration manufacturer to comply with this practise worldwide. Liebherr's longstanding list of responsible production initiatives:-Liebherr was the first appliance manufacturer worldwide to remove CFC's completely from the production process in 1993-Since 2000, Liebherr's considerable investment to ensure environmental compatibility has resulted in the reduced use of chemicals, solvents and energy consumption -Liebherr has established central waste and resource collection stations at their manufacturing facilities-The packaging materials on all products are 100% recyclable -The water used in the production process is purified and pollution-free-The energy released during production is recovered and utilized again in heating the plants

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