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Subtractive Layers

Platinum Award
Using foundational methods of art to explore new ground, the Subtractive Layers collection includes two styles, Remove and Withdraw. Inspired by a subtractive process that adds dimension by removing material, this LVT collection is available in 12” x 24” tiles and 20 colors. The tiles showcase both a simpler and then more complex design that stand alone beautifully or can be coordinated together. The designs give life to a layered, modern texture and striations of contrast come from removing paint intentionally to create color shifts in individual tiles. Subtractive Layers is a dryback product that provides a unique and dynamic aesthetic across all markets. Designed to withstand physical demands, products feature a 20-mil wear layer to enhance product durability and performance in high demand environments. This collection supports human performance with the roller mobility of hard surface, ease of installation and maintenance, and clean, modern aesthetics to improve the overall occupant experience. Both styles are 5 mm, eliminating the need for a transition strip when installing with carpet. Polish-optional, Subtractive Layers is a durable product that makes maintenance easy and inexpensive, eliminating cleaning chemicals in the breathing zone while helping to improve indoor air quality.


Made from mostly post-consumer recycled content, Subtractive Layers is FloorScore certified for low VOCs, and contributes to LEED certification requirements.


Best of NeoCon 2017 Silver Award Buildings Product Innovation Grand Award


Designed for performance and longevity. Priced competitively.


The Subtractive Layers collection was designed by Kelly Stewart, Patcraft’s Hard Surface Designer, who worked from her original acrylic paintings, inspired by artists Harry Morgan and Pierre Soulages, creating an authentic process for this collection’s design. For the paintings, Stewart used a broken comb to achieve a linear texture that became an integral part of the Remove and Withdraw style designs. Both tiles within the collection were made by manipulating scans of Stewart’s original paintings and layering them over one another. With every subtraction, texture is multiplied, color magnified, and composition unified. With Subtractive Layers, Patcraft explores ways to add less and reveal more.

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