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Utility Roadway LED

The URL Series LED Roadway is a powerful, energy saving roadway light fixture. Long-life LEDs make this an attractive fixture for new construction or retrofit projects.


• L70: >60,000 hours (reported)
• Up to 68% energy savings


• Domestically Designed; Assembled in USA
• L70: >60,000 hours (reported)
• L70: 129,000 hours (calculated)
• Up to 68% energy savings
• Heavy Duty Aluminum Die-Cast Housing
• 70 CRI (4000K or 5000K CCT)
• Standard Gray Housing Color
• Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
• Other color options: Black, Bronze, Silver,
White, or Unpainted
• Options include:
• Two Bolt Fitter Clamp
• Long-Life Photocontrol
• Dimming Photocontrol
• Fuse
• Power Door
• House Side Lighting Control

Howard Lighting Products is committed to a bright future by offering a full line of high quality LED, fluorescent, and HID fixtures, lamps and ballast for both commercial and residential uses. Several of our products meet standards for rebates including CEE, DesignLights Consortium®, and Lighting Facts®. Howard Lighting is your one source for dependable lighting products.

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