ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2020-21

LED Vaporproof Strip - 4 Foot

VSL4 series 4’ LED vaporproof strip fixture is gasketed to provide dust and moisture resistant illumination. It withstands corrosion, splashing water, hose-directed water, damage from
external ice formation, and temporary submersion.


• LED Life: 89,000 hours L70
• 4000K or 5000K Color
• 85 CRI
• Minimum Starting Temperature: -30°C
• DesignLights Consortium Listed
• LightingFacts approved


• 6030 Mid-Power
• LM80 verified LED component
• Lighting Color: White
• Viewing Angle: 118°
• UL Recognized component (E356829)
• RoHS Compliant
• One-piece fiberglass upper body, unpainted natural white color; no seams to
crack, break, or leak; is rugged and corrosion resistant
• 5VA Flammability Rating
• White plastic latches standard
• Eight latches for positive lens retention
• Latches designed to accept screws to make enclosure tamper resistant
White plastic latches accepts #4 - 1/2” screw
Stainless steel latches accepts #6 - 3/8” screw (optional)
• White polyethylene molded end plugs for use as knockouts
• High gloss, baked enamel reflective front
• Closed cell polyester gasket
• Poured gasket seamlessly fills channel for maximum seal
• Gasket has dry skin that will not stick to the mating surface
• High gasket compression recovery ensures a solid seal over life of fixture
• Injection molded for maximum strength and precise detail
• Continuous formed perimeter provides for positive seal
• Materials:
Suggested use of Frosted Lens for better thermal performance and
smooth light distribution.
Option A: 100% Virgin Impact Resistant Acrylic
Long lasting clarity and resistance to weathering
Option D: Deep Lens, Impact Resistant Clear Acrylic with
diffused ends
Option F: Deep Lens, Impact Resistant Frosted Acrylic (Recommended)
Option P: UV Stabilized Polycarbonate
Maximum impact resistance
• Shipped fully wired with 0-10V LED Dimming Driver
• Easy access to wiring compartment and driver via removable gear tray
• Gear tray tethered to housing by two lanyards for extra safety
• Knockouts on each end
• Spring-mount, stainless steel bracket allows for surface or chain mount
• Brackets Install first, then snap securely onto fixture
• NEC compliant luminaire power disconnect standard
Quality Assurance
• System Designed, Manufactured, Tested, and Approved by Howard Lighting Products in Mendenhall, Mississippi.

Howard Lighting Products is committed to a bright future by offering a full line of high quality LED, fluorescent, and HID fixtures, lamps and ballast for both commercial and residential uses. Several of our products meet standards for rebates including CEE, DesignLights Consortium®, and Lighting Facts®. Howard Lighting is your one source for dependable lighting products.

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