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Mosaico Digitale

Platinum Award
This unique product has been designed and produced in Italy with the latest technology to deconstruct any digital image and print it onto resin film tiles. These lightweight, strong and conformable tiles can then be applied and grouted to any surface, reflecting the nature of a ceramic mosaic, but with limitless possibilities. Mosaico Digitale’s most impressive feature is that almost all aspects of the tile are completely customiseable; from features image and shape to texture and install surface. Traditional mosaic tiling involves a time consuming and complex process of constructing an image from individually coloured tiles, which demands an equally time consuming and expensive install process.Mosaico Digitale’s most impressive feature is that almost all aspects of the tile are completely customiseableMosaico Digitale’s innovative system takes advantage of modern printing technology to customise and construct tiles digitally – printing entire images and setting them behind a resin which forms a tile. Any photo or graphic image of your choosing may be transferred onto the resin tiles, even the shape of the tiles themselves can be changed to fit any project you have in mind. Additionally, tiles can be embellished with Swarovski, gold, coffee, mineral and decorative stones. The install process is also intelligently simple; Each tile square is numbered individually during production, allowing the tiles to be laid out in numerical order to form the whole image in preparation for tiling. The flexible nature of the tile sheets allows them to be applied to irregular surfaces including curved or round objects as well as be trimmed to fit into unusual wall or floor spaces. For the first time digital images can be tiled across anything from floor spaces and swimming pools to furniture and feature walls.BenefitsFull customisation of both tile shape and imageDigitally printed images sit behind a strong resin tiled surfaceFlexibly installs onto curved and irregular areasLightweight and durableCan be installed onto walls, floors and pool areas both indoor and outdoor


Mosaico digitale GreenToday, GREEN is more than a color. It's a movement for environmental concern that has influenced fashion and style trends. So whether your concern is for the ecological impact on our environment or the visual impact on your interior, Mosaico Digitale offers eco-friendly wallcovering resin tile with images inspired by nature,Mosaico Digitale is committed to "being green" because it's good for our environment, and because it's a smart way to do business


Best Year 2014 Award in the Innovative New Material Wallcovering Category


Regular Tile Shape $19 SFIrregular Tile Shape $27.SF

Mosaico Digitale is the technologic evolution of the classic mosaic. Mosaico Digitale has introduce a new material the resin. The digital mosaics are created on a resin film on which the original image is printed. We can cover any shape size and color of surfaces for both interiors and exteriors. Surfaces like drywall,wood, metal, glass. The resin material giving us the possibility to make a fragmentation of any image and reproduce it in a new mosaic concept can be applied to any surfaces to decorate. Our digital mosaics are 100% customizable, in addition to our core designs we produce custom work for clients who want to bring their individualized creation to the wall, no limit to the fantasy any digital images can be tiled across any surfaces.

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