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Lava, Prisma and Juxy: Patty Madden Software for CF Stinson

Platinum Award
Patty Madden has added three new patterns to her successful Patty Madden Software for CF Stinson line with Lava, Prisma and Juxy. Designed with advanced digital technology, these three high performance coated fabrics expand Patty’s fascination with light and how it interacts with various surfaces. With its undulating curves inspired by the continuous motion of a lava lamp, the Lava pattern reveals waves of color and texture that create depth and mystery. Juxy was inspired by vortex designs that promote spirituality and healing. Juxy’s circular bursts are reminiscent of The Ancient Mayan Empire. And finally, healing crystals and shards inspired the organic feel of Prisma in which the refraction of light from the surface creates a fascinating interplay within the pattern.

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