Secoin Handmade Encaustic Tile

Platinum Award
Secoin encaustic cement tiles are hand-made, aesthetic tiles with many colored patterns. They are built with two layers: the first layer (colored and patterned) of about 2mm thick and second layer (grey) to ensure the strength of tiles. From the ordinary materials such as cement, sand, pigment and additives, thanks to the golden hands of our experienced artisans, cement tiles are created not just as a cement product but also with a soul in it. Secoin encaustic cement tiles bring an elegant, natural and unique beauty to any floors and walls.


Secoin encaustic cement tiles are friendly to the environment thanks to the use of 100% natural material and the production process without using any fuel for burning.

Secoin is one of the first private companies of Vietnam founded in 1989. We have five factories all over Vietnam, two of which are for the production of handmade encaustic cement tiles. Our capacity is over 25,000 square meters per month and the production system is certified by ISO 9001:2008. Secoin Handmade Encaustic Cement Tiles have been exported to 44 countries over the 5 continents. We commit ourselves towards customer satisfaction by High Quality - Fast Delivery and Good Service!

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