Reverie Collection

Platinum Award
There is an irresistible allure to the look and feel of an ancient waxed terracotta floor. The draw is so strong that we often see it used when the color or performance of the material is ill suited to the setting. Weathered terracotta actually finds the perfect look that many modern concrete collections are reaching for, if presented in the right colors.

With these thoughts in mind we bring you our Reverie Collection. Meticulous care was taken to preserve not only the look but also the touch of a handmade cotto with the personality of a concrete. Utilizing inkjet for color we recreate the soul of terracotta in natural finish. The end result in either finish is rich, varied and exquisitely welcoming.




Offered in 4 colorways; Ivory, Bone, Rhino & Walnut in 3 modular sizes of 24x24", 12x12" & 12x24"

6951 72nd St #113
Delta BC V4G 0A2
(604) 940-8595
Bellavita Tile, Inc.
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