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Ketra A20 Lamp

Perfect for wall sconces, pendants, lamps and more, the A20 lamp is one of Ketra’s most flexible lighting solutions. Equipped with Ketra's full suite of solutions, the A20 can produce 16.7 million colors with pinpoint precision, offering an unrivaled range of white, saturated colors and pastels.

The A20 offers Ketra’s Natural Light setting, which mimics the color and intensity of sunlight within the home, shifting throughout the day to mirror the sun’s patterns. With a wide range of personalized settings and the ability to transform light with the push of a button, homeowners can curate ambiance for any need.


WELL Certified



The history of light is a story of innovation. From the very beginning, harnessing light’s power has been one of humanity’s goals of invention: extending the day with firelight and eventually, bringing electricity indoors. Though lighting’s always been with us, its true power is just now starting to be realized: light can affect our moods, improve our mindset, and transform a space into somewhere we love to be.Enter Ketra, the next step in light’s evolution that brings back the awe-inspiring possibilities of natural light--and beyond. Ketra’s light recreates the magic of a sunrise, the warm glow of a campfire, or the soft beam of the moon. As a leader disrupting an entire industry, Ketra was acquired by Lutron Electronics in 2018, creating the complete package: beautiful light, intelligent shades, and powerful controls, all working together. We leverage the latest IoT, artificial intelligence, and semiconductor innovations to transform your home, office, and an entire industry so we make your everyday moments better.

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