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Egan Tack Panels

Tackable panels available in a variety of sizes that mount magnetically to any magnet-compatible Egan presentation board.Easily install or move your Tack Panels around your board. Choose between EganFabric, Maharam, EcoTack, or provide your own tackable fabric.Tack panel itself is not magnet-compatible.

At Egan Visual, we facilitate creativity, promote the sharing and capturing of ideas while seamlessly and beautifully complementing the existing workspace. We inspire the minds today, that will inspire the future. We are the blank canvas that gives life to the beginning of an idea. We offer a wide range of well-designed, productivity-enhancing products that can be configured and sourced as either self-standing or integrated for a systematic solution. Our products enhance and complement the people and the assets within the workspace, and provide a blank canvas for ideas to spark. Egan Visual designs and manufactures visual communication solutions for presentation and collaboration environments. Products include professional grade markerboards, tackboards, mobiles, lecterns, centers, wallcoverings, cabinets, and glass markerboards. Egan offers a wide range of standard, configured, and custom response solutions. Founded in 1967, Egan Visual has manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United States and Canada. TeamBoard Academy TeamBoard offers a full range of professional development for teachers, presenters, installers, and channel partners.

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Woodbridge ON L4L 3P6
(905) 851-2826
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