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Beach Stones

Platinum Award
Walking along the picturesque Lake Michigan shoreline designer Bruce Sienowski noticed the stones that scattered the beach were free from the constraints of introductory geometry. No circles. No ovals. No straight lines. This is nature. Oringally designed on a smaller scale, Beach Stones were a huge hit where kids congregate. freshcoast noticed an increased demand for organic furniture in adult seating. Joining the original four pieces in the Beach Stones collection are eight more models., totaling nine seating options including three tables in the line. The product line offers seating options that accommodate adult seating postures in collaborative settings in the office, education and health care, during short touchdown meetings. They are well suited for use with the various Beach Stone table options that support technology.

5695 Eagle Drive
Grand Rapids MI 49512
United States
(616) 975-9260
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