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ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2024-25

48- and 36-Inch Pro Rangetops with Sous Vide and Induction

Best of 2020
Luxury appliance brand Signature Kitchen Suite has unveiled industry-first dual-fuel cooktops with built-in sous vide modality, delivering the ultimate in precision cooking and giving at-home chefs the capabilities to bring restaurant results right to the home. Once limited to only Michelin-star restaurants, the sous-vide cooking technique has been the go-to method of the world's best chefs for years. It uses precise temperature control to slow-cook vacuum-sealed food in a water bath, delivering the perfect doneness, edge-to-edge, every time. Sous vide on the rangetop delivers precise temperature control within 1 degree of setpoint without the need of a circulator thanks to a hermetically sealed lid, helping to preserve minerals, vitamins and nutrients without additional fats or salts. It’s essentially foolproof, and will make today’s forward-thinking TechnicureanTM home chefs look like culinary stars in their own kitchens. Ultra-High™ Burners provide 23K BTUs of pure gas cooking power for better searing and quick stir frying, while Ultra-Low™ Burners simmer down to maintain temperatures as low as 100 degrees to prepare delicate sauces and sugary confections. Much like its full-sized cousin oven range, the Signature Kitchen Suite 48-inch Pro Rangetop is the versatile workhorse of the kitchen. It’s the only pro rangetop on the market to include built-in sous vide, four gas burners, as well as two-zone induction - a first-to-market thanks to utilizing 240 volts as opposed to 120 volts.


TWICE magazine 2020 VIP (Very Important Product) Awards


$5,499 (48-inch model) and $4,499 (36-inch model)

Signature Kitchen Suite embraces a new generation of forward-thinking cooks, combining their passion for food with their appreciation of innovation. We call them, Technicureans.™ And we are keeping them True to Food with the best built-in appliances, featuring leading-edge technology that provides more flexibility to prepare food in the best possible way.

1000 Sylvan Ave
Englewood Cliffs NJ 7632
United States
Signature Kitchen Suite
ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2024-25
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