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2013 Calendar

4D design studio, 2013 Calendarpromotions

4D Design Studio is a design company that was established in 2004 under the name of
Al-Murjana Design House Est., which was specialized in interior design and handcrafts.
In 2008 Al-Murjana was expanded to cope up with the increasing market demand to
include graphic design and consultation, with a view to bring unique and sophisticated
design services, embracing every aspect of design from the initial design ideas on pulling
color schemes, renovation ideas or creating a new corporate identity for your prestigious
company, until the nalized product is delivered.
That sums the 4D Design Studio departments into the following:
• Interior Design Department.
• Media and Graphic Design Department.
• Handcrafts and Accessories Department.
• Design consultation Department.
From which the name 4D Design Studio was concluded, in addition to that our company provides 2D and 3D designs in a convenient 4D element.

9 (626) 552-6218
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