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Systema Staccato

Systema Staccato extends SONNEMAN – A Way of Light’s existing library of flexible, scalable lighting systems to achieve a comprehensive approach to dynamically lighting interior spaces. With the end-user at the center of the design process, the team took the size of regular dining tables and a variety of living room footprints into account when planning the configurations that makeup Systema Staccato. How these fixtures cohabitate with various surroundings was key to the development of the lighting system. In addition to residential use, Systema Staccato was designed for larger commercial installations. This was a driving factor behind the aesthetically dynamic and asymmetric design of each configuration. This innovative design allows multiple larger fixtures to naturally group together, creating one seamless fixture suitable for large-scale projects. The system was further crafted to adapt to a variety of environments with the implementation of various trim and shade options for each configuration. 

Challenged by the opportunity to rethink and reimagine a new approach to scalable lighting systems, the design team explored approximately 30 different configurations for the collection before deciding on the final six: Offset, Offset Long, Hash, Rectangle, Spine, Square, and Linear. Within this process, the team meticulously tested and reconfigured the potential variations to ultimately create the most streamlined, accessible, and visually sleek product. 

Each light effect that a given trim and shade provides serves a different, deliberate aesthetic and functional purpose to provide the end-user with custom, tailor-made illumination. The flush trim is dedicated to upwards and downward lighting and serves as a more functional light, as it will only illuminate in the direction that it is pointing. The slim trim, which functions as a hybrid between the flush and the drum, is also adept to shine light directly at what it is aimed, yet its slim-lit profile creates a glow around each element, which provides an added aesthetic allure. The drum trim is completely lit and provides no directionality in order to purely glow and illuminate the environment around the fixture. As a result, the crisp rectilinear bars support minimal tubular elements with luminous trims, extensions, or shaded reflectors for general and directed lighting functionality. Systema Staccato achieves a comprehensive and unified approach to dynamically lighting interior spaces, combining a contemporary aesthetic with incredibly sophisticated lighting.

SONNEMAN – A Way of Light is closely connected to Robert Sonneman, the designer, and his commitment to modernist ideals, innovation, and the extraordinary quality that is the promise of the brand. Robert Sonneman, “Lighting’s Modern Master,” pioneered modern lighting in the 1960s and ‘70s, making it an art form. Many of his award-winning designs have become classics of the modern era. Acclaimed for clean lines and alliance to form from function, he has been at the forefront of modern design for five decades. His prolific design vocabulary extends through the modern architectural and decorative genres of the 20th century and forwards to the contemporary diversity of today.

“We are devoted to creating the extraordinary, free from contrivance, with quality and refinement. We believe that creativity, innovation, and commitment to excellence begins with design and lives in every aspect of everything that we do.” - Robert Sonneman

The company’s design and marketing activities are based in Larchmont, NY. With permanent showrooms at the New York Design Center in New York City and at the Dallas Market Center. The company occupies a brand-new state-of-the-art distribution center in Middletown, NY. SONNEMAN has an extensive network of distributors throughout the United States through lighting showrooms and e-commerce partners, as well as through architectural and designer project specifications for both in-line and custom designs.

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