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The Element partition screen serie is a multifuntional, -purposal and light space divider to office environment. Light and translucent construction whitout frames makes interiors also light and open. Variations in collection are numerous.


DELIVERY TIME 4 -5-weeks PRODUCT ARGUMENTS Element-screen is a light, non-framed space divider The collection includes 3 types of screens. Free-standing screens:AV-screen has always castors and can be used as a white- or projector board (height 164 cm and width 80cm). Use of whiteboard-drawing pens, preferable on the matt screen side is recommended. Markings can be removed eg. with awetcloth.Mobili has castors / flanges at either both or at one end (height 126 cm and width 120 cm ).AV- and Mobili-screens are available in glass. Table screens:are connected to the desk top and are available in glass or fabric covered (height 40 cm and width 80 cm).Fixed screens:The fixed screens have 2 heights (126 cm and 164 cm) and 2 widths (50 cm and 80 cm).The stability of long screen walls is secured by using either round or wide adjustable flange legs. The screens are availale in glass or fabric covered. Use of L, I, T and X corner posts allow to build –up several types of wall combinations.Corner posts can be replaced by electrical cable posts.TECHNICAL INFORMATIONThe bottom profile in all models is anodized aluminium. The matt safety glass is 8mm and the fabric covered board 12 mm thick.The table screens can be upholstered with eg. Lucia-fabrics.

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