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Earthen Collection

Hand-crafted of hickory, the Earthen Collection includes six floors inspired by the intrinsic beauty of nature along with the most popular color trends in interiors.

The hickory timbers are sourced from northern climates, resulting in a dense grain and richer beige-to-brown tone in the heartwood. Some tones highlight the heart sap variation found in hickory, bringing a more contemporary feel to the floor, while – in other tones – this variation is subdued, creating subtle shifts in color and a more aged and organic appearance.

Available in eight-inch-wide planks selected by Carlisle artisans, the Earthen Collection includes six distinctive, low sheen colors – each named after a different type of soil.

  • Alluvium – A stunning representation of the variety of colors found in soil, this shade takes on a personality of its own by leaving behind a myriad of beautiful colors that get more interesting with every glance.
  • Argil – Created from a perfect blend of brown and grey, this classic pastel shade gives the hickory wood an aged look without appearing worn. A light tint of color evens the contrasts in the grains of the wood.
  • Chalk – When glazed over the natural color variations found in hickory, this warm shade gently softens the prominent appearance of the grains. The hue mimics a white veil, creating an illusion of mystery through a blend of unique tones that catch the eye.
  • Humus – A striking shade inspired by the beauty of Walnut, the reddish-brown hue washes over the hickory wood, creating a rich, dark floor. While most of the grains of the wood are absorbed by a deep palette of color, some areas of variation peek through.
  • Kaolin – A tone reminiscent of the earth, this shade’s alluring mix of warm, rich tones of grey and brown sweep over a floor in a subtle but mesmerizing way to reveal understated depth and dimension.
  • Regur – Often found in valleys, this hue mimics the nutrient-dense element born from fire that represents rebirth and new beginnings. The deep, dramatic hints of black, grey and brown are reminiscent of flowing lava cutting through a vast landscape.

Carlisle highlights the hickory character in the Earthen Collection by pairing its Original Grade, which includes some boards with knots, ingrown bark and mineral streaking, with boards from its Heirloom Grade, which imparts a cleaner appearance. This harmonious blend of natural elements is known as the company’s Signature Grade.

The Earthen Collection is offered in ¾” plank thickness and in two- to 12-foot lengths, with a choice of engineered or solid construction. Planks are end matched for ease of installation. The floors can be customized to meet design specifications by altering the grade, choosing alternate face widths and/or adding a texture.

The collection can be ordered through Carlisle showrooms and design consultants. Samples are available by request.


Carlisle is committed to sustainability and to minimizing its environmental impact. To help ensure that forests will be around for generations to come, the company has built relationships with landowners and sawyers who don’t practice clear cutting. In addition, Carlisle’s prefinished wood flooring has no measurable VOC’s, and no urea formaldehyde is added during the manufacturing of the company’s engineered wood flooring. In fact, Carlisle’s engineered wood floors exceed the CARB2 compliance guideline for formaldehyde emissions. With rare exception, Carlisle’s timber is sourced in the U.S., and all Carlisle floors are crafted in the U.S. – significantly reducing the environmental footprint.


Trade pricing available upon request

For more than 50 years, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has handcrafted the finest wood floors in America – each one reflecting the natural beauty of the highest quality materials available. We take great pride in time-honored processes, from responsibly sourcing the soundest and most reliable timber grown in America’s forests to embracing a level of craftsmanship equally at home with traditional rustic themes or with fashion-forward style.\We believe every detail of every floor matters. From creating just the right shade of gray to the nuance of a hand-scraped edge, we collaborate with each client to define a personalized, custom-made floor. And, whether that floor is selected from our extensive curated collections or uniquely designed to match a specific vision, it will be realized in the same way: one plank at a time.\Headquartered in Stoddard, New Hampshire, Carlisle also has showrooms in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC. For more information, visit

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