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Moveable Pull-Out Storage Panels on Wheels

Do you have a large storage area but a serious problem when it comes to storing items that must be suspended rather than piled, packaged or wrapped? Montel has found a solution for you, a new kind of storage system ideal for suspended objects that can easily be adapted to your reserved space. The system is perfect for artwork as well as various wall hangings, tools, firearms, mask collections, etc. It has a solid structure with panels that can be easily moved, offering unequalled accessibility, flexibility and versatility. Take advantage of the full potential of Montel's systems.

Montel introduces its new Smart Series of high density storage shelving solutions. The Series' SmartTrack state-of-the-art electrical mobile shelving system puts the power wiring in the floor track to eliminate unsightly, gawky, scissor-arms dangling between mobile units. SmartShelf provides full depth or back-to-back configurations, or any combination of both, within the same units. Exceeding industry standards, SmartShelf incorporates many technologies into single four-post shelving. Shelves are adjustable at one and 1.5-inch increments for full flexibility and effective space utilization. The new eMC2 electrical control provides an ADA-friendly alternative with voice activation. The new Montel MixMedia cabinets offers various storage possibilities and keep your media safe. Adaptable to your future needs as your media will change to new formats. Available on Montel Mobilex carriages to save or optimize your available space. Store-up to 3906 CDs, 2046 DVDs and 936 VHS tapes.Montel's network of 100 North American dealers service locations assures you of prompt, courteous service and expert installation by certified factory-trained experience installers.Montel is a one stop shopping for high quality storage products: filing systems, library shelving, 4-post shelving, Cabinet Style case-type shelving, compact mechanical or electrical mobile shelving, cabinets,etc.Make an intelligent use of your space with Montel high density storage shelving solutions.

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