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Interior Mineral Paint

Best of 2024
Alkemis Paint integrates color theory, neuroaesthetics, and contemporary design trends to create colors promoting holistic well-being, while eschewing chemical toxicity and drawing inspiration from nature and ancient palettes. Derived from naturally occurring earth minerals, Alkemis' mineral pigments replace synthetic alternatives, offering a comprehensive palette of 119 unique colors alongside an Interior Mineral Primer, boasting UV stability, weather resistance, water repellency, and high durability. Manufactured in the USA, the paint is pollutant-free, preservative-free, hygienic for allergy sufferers due to its high pH, and cruelty-free, aligning with ethical and environmental standards.

The Design Process

The initial idea for Alkemis Paint came to CEO Maya Crowne when she couldn't find a safe solution for painting her apartment during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the toxic nature of most interior paints on the market. In researching the paint industry, Maya was saddened to learn about the environmentally damaging processes and recognized, yet another example of, how we must move past our persistent dependence on plastic. She partnered with CCO Price Latimer to create a premium, all-natural, hand-crafted interior paint made from artist-quality crystalline pigments that promote both human wellness and environmental consciousness. 


Each Alkemis Paint formulation contains a healing mineral base and is derived from renewable minerals and earthen raw materials, for an incomparably luminous and durable finish. The omission of plasticizers means that Alkemis products are 100% water vapor-permeable; consequently, mold growth on walls decorated with Alkemis Paint is virtually impossible. Alkemis Paint is made in the United States. 

Alkemis paints are unique in that they are free from synthetic pigments, hazardous organic pollutants (HAPs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), plasticizers/phthalates, preservatives, solvents, biocides, and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs)—making the product safe for all living beings. The manufacturing process is also 100% emission-free.


Alkemis Paint is one of the only Cradle to Cradle Certified® paints in the United States. In addition to being C2C Certified®, Alkemis Paint is one of the only paint companies in the US that fulfills all five covenants of the Mindful Materials Common Materials Framework and the American Institute of Architects Materials Pledge, a nationwide initiative that has been signed by over 175 architectural firms. Due to Alkemis' stringent environmental standards, the products are contributory to LEED Certification PointsWELL Building Standard Points and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and are certified by Parsons Healthy Materials Lab, meeting their rigorous product evaluation requirements.



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