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S14x LED Wall Washer Family by elliptipar

Platinum Award
Small semi-elliptical LED wall wash luminaire with asymmetric distribution. Low profile linear LED asymmetric distribution wall washer — lights entire wall evenly without emphasizing surface imperfections (unlike slot grazers)


High efficacy LED, low power consumption with high light output. Excellent lumen maintenance — L90(10k) > 60,000 hours @ 25°C per TM-21


S141 $212 distributor netS142 $261 distributor netS143 $313 distributor net


•Inconspicuous low profile semi-elliptical housing — less than 3" overall height•Proprietary refractive optics — maximizes illumination on target surfaces while minimizing glare and spill light•Asymmetric distribution — evenly lights vertical surfaces free of hot spots and striations•Integral driver(s) — simplifies installation and wiring•Hinged housing for hands-free access to driver and wiring•Extruded aluminum housing, mounting plate and light engine — excellent thermal management to extend LED lumen maintenance•All painted surfaces receive a 6-stage pretreatment prior to electrostatically applied and baked power enamel finish•Cover lens hinges open to access light engines — light engines are serviceable for replacement or future upgrades•The cover lens is made from a specially formulated blend of acrylic polymers which provides impact resistance, superior light transmission and retains its clarity for years•Optional vertical blade baffle — provides longitudinal shielding when required for hallways; baffle and lens can be used together•Unique elliptical holographic film enhances lateral distribution without disturbing the asymmetric beam in the forward plane•Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K in 70+, 80+ or 90+ CRI (other CCT and CRI options are available upon request)•Excellent lumen maintenance — L90(10k) > 60,000 hours @ 25°C per TM-21•Two standard drive current/light output options — over 3300 lumens at 700mA or 1843 lumens at 350mA (based on S143 @ 3500K 80+ CRI LEDs)•High power factor, low THD constant current drivers in 120-277V universal voltage input or 347V input for Canada•Programmable drivers are available — allows designers to achieve a specific lighting power density or custom light level •Several dimming options including ELV/Reverse Phase/Trailing Edge, 0-10 analog, DALI, Lutron 3-Wire, Lutron EcoSystem and others •Several mounting options including surface, pendant, cantilever or cable•Magnetic Resonance Imaging option available for use with remote drivers located outside of the MRI suite; accessory MRI filters available•5-year warranty•TM-30-15 color reports available online

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