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Task/Spotlight Direct Incandescent Replacement LED Lamps.

Continuing to make strides in converting incandescent installations to Light Emitting Diode (LEDs) lamps, LEDtronics introduces an upgrade of its Task/Spotlight Direct Incandescent Replacement LED Lamps. These energy-efficient and long-lived illuminators Silicon Carbide/Gallium Nitride (SiC/GaN) LED technologies, 25mm Edison screw bases and light-maximizing designs.


Prices for Task/Spotlight LED Lamps range from $36.65 - $76.00 each depending on LED technology and. Availability is stock to 4 – 6 weeks.

LEDtronics Intermediate and Medium 15mm and 25mm Based LED Lamps provides the industry's most comprehensive source of direct incandescent replacement LED lamps for Automotive, Aviation, Decorative lighting, Architectural, Gaming, Theme-parks, Utility plants, Street lighting, Emergency/Safety and Industrial lighting applications. LED lamp Bases available are 15mm Single-Contact and Dual-Contact Bayonet, S6 Miniature Candelabra and 25mm Edison Screw base. Exit sign retrofit LED lamps and kits, beacon warning lights, industrial stack light status indicator tower lamps, types 1, 2 and 3 LED traffic control lamps, task lighting, darkroom/safelight lamps, R20/21 lamps, MR16 LED lamps, solar-energy, renewable energy (dark Sky friendly) enabled lighting solutions. With a choice of sizes, standard electrical bases, sunlight-visible LED colors like White, Red, Green, Aqua Green, Yellow, Amber and Blue, industry-standard voltages, there's a LEDtronics' Intermediate and Medium Based Lamp to fit most applications. Panel Mount LED Lamps and Holders come in snap-in, bolt-on, hardware-mounted and relampable versions. With many behind-the-panel depths available,LEDTRONICS Relampable Panel Mount LED Lamps and Holders (RPLH) areexcellent choices for applications where space is restricted and aesthetics aconsideration. Panel LED Lamps and Holders can be employed in utility monitoring boards, industrial control equipment, audio and intercom panels, broadcast equipment, nuclear power status stations and medical instrumentation, etc. . . .Miniature Based LED lamps are available with Sub-Midget, Midget Wedge, bayonet, S6 Candelabra, Telephone Slide bases ranging from T1 (3mm), T1 ¾ (5mm), T2, T3 ¼ (9mm) to T5As you can see, our product line encompasses the largest array of industrial direct incandescent replacement Based LED

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