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ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2024-25

Queen Annes Lace I

Platinum Award
Framed moving digital paintings range in size from six inches to sixty inches for single screen installations. Forty plus sized screens are arresting from a dozen feet away and sixty inch screens can draw a viewer into a large room, such as a lobby or penthouse. Multiple screen installations can occupy an entire wall, or an entire hallway— bounded only by the designers imagination. Clients find that multiple screens can tie a space together with an unforgettable room-sized multimedia experience with all the subtlety and grace of traditional canvassed art. Framed applications excel in high profile areas where first impressions matter.


12th Annual IIDA/Hospitality Design Magazine, Product Design Competition - Artwork, 2008


varies depending upon size, installation, and license type

Dan Hermes Fine Art creates moving digital paintings, audiovisual works for framed, flat screen televisions, LCD or plasma. Our moving digital paintings bore mention recently in Forbes, Reuters, Hotel-Online, HospitalityNet, Hotel Executive, Residential Architect Online, and CNBC. The works engaging the viewer on a deep emotional and intellectual level with traditional painting elements of color, shape, composition, and narrative - along with a contemporary experience of motion and time-based forms. Formerly reserved for the film and video game industries, the deep color, brightness, motion, and high-definition detail in flat screens allows our art to be a profound, engaging sensual experience. Our clients choose styles, subjects, color harmonies, and themes, and we produceworks of any scale to enhance their space. Send your custom project specs for aquote and design proof at spaces require unique artwork.

211 Wachusett St #2
Jamaica Plain MD 02130
United States
(781) 526-0738
Dan Hermes Fine Art
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