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Caroma is the world leader of innovative, high efficiency dual flush toilets and sinks. The Caroma Smartâ„¢ Technology is leading-edge and has been developed and mastered over the last decade to deliver the ultimate in design, water savings, and performance. All Caroma toilets are high efficiency, and 45 have been WaterSense labeled, more than any other company. The toilets use 1.28-1.6 gallons per full flush (depending on model) for solid waste and 0.8 gallons for a half flush (liquid and paper waste), the lowest water usage dual flush in the market. Caroma toilets have a large trapway, nearly double the industry average, virtually eliminating blockages. The contemporary-styled high efficiency toilets provide clean lines for easy cleaning. The one and two piece vitreous china toilets feature washdown technology, pushing waste from the bowl for greater drain line carry.Introduced in June 2009, the Profile Smart with integrated sink is a high efficiency dual flush toilet that averages just 0.9 gallons per flush. This clever system directs fresh water through the integrated faucet for hand washing. This water then drains into the tank for the next flush. The Profile Smart features 1.28 gallons per flush for solid waste and 0.8 gallons per flush for liquid and paper waste, WaterSense labeling, and the large trapway virtually eliminates blockages.Sydney Smart, introduced in 2008, provides significant water savings over other toilets: 1.28/0.8 gallons per flush, averaging just 0.9 gallons per flush, saving up to 44% more water than a single flush 1.6 gallon toilet and up to 74% more than a 3.5 gallon toilet. The Sydney Low Profile, introduced in July 2008, brings minimal height and maximum performance to any bathroom. The Low Profile is ideal for conserving water when a short toilet is required due to space restrictions. Caroma also is a major supplier of high efficiency urinals. In October 2008, the H2Zero waterless urinal was launched. The H2Zero utilizes breakthrough technology to use zero water for optimum performance and water conservation. The H2Zero's unique patented cartridge technology does not use an oil-based seal, as traditionally used in waterless urinals. Within the cartridge is a Bio Fresh deodorizing block that is activated during use. The Bio Sealâ„¢ allows urine to pass through the seal freely, eliminating unnecessary waste build-up within the cartridge. The Bio Seal also acts as a one-way airtight valve to seal the cartridge from the drainage system.The Cube3 Ultra high efficiency urinal introduces Smart Demand, the first liquid-sensing automatic flushing mechanism that detects usage rather than motion to activate the electronic flush valve. The Cube3 uses just 1 pint of water per flush.Caroma is used by businesses and households worldwide for exceptional performance and stylish design while conserving valuable water resources. Find out more about Caroma and its products at

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