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More Than Fine Collection
Textus presents More Than Fine, a new collection of upholstery textiles created to extrude greater depth from beautiful woven structures by expounding upon extreme forms and exquisite materials. Utilizing a range of constructions including pleats, cords, and striations the new collection embellishes upon common weave applications by reinventing new incarnations of ordinary structures. By employing the use of over-construction in its design methodology, the Textus Design Studio showcases woven structures in a novel and provocative manner. To create a collection with its own voice, the design team drew from the themes presently proliferating multiple artistic markets. From architectural compositions to their engineered counterparts, environments are conveying the importance of asymmetry and exaggerated sculptural characteristics. Looking towards couture fashion, the Textus designers were drawn in by the uniqueness of inflated scale, metallic coatings and the concept of structure as design. Translating inventive structures into textile constructions called for the integration of complicated yarns and amplified weaves to compose a multi-tiered dimensionality. Pattern Sartorial features a dramatic pleated structure, punctuated by monochromatic embroidery accents to give the fabric a hand-detailed effect. Likewise, pattern Gentry reworks the cord weave to lend texture to an otherwise flat fabric. By manipulating structures, proportions and scale, the Textus designers' produced a topographical, ribbed textile with a notably soft hand. The last pattern of the trifecta, Delano, cleverly pairs powerful woven structure with refined material. The specially crafted texture melds with the metallic sheen of Italian made Trieste weft yarn to generate natural striations running both vertically and horizontally. Layering the complexity of its yarn with the intricacy of its weave, Delano exudes both sculptural intensity and hand-woven accessibility. The More Than Fine collection favors context over dogma. Inspired by modern art forms, each pattern appears one-of-a-kind and deliciously cosmopolitan.


Pattern: SARTORIAL Number of Colors: 7 Price: $115.00/yard Specs: 141,000 double rubs Content: 40% Cotton, 30% Viscose, 19% Polyamide, 11% Polyester Pattern: DELANO Number of Colors: 10 Price: $50.00/yard Specs: 55,000 double rubs Content: 69% Polyester, 31% Rayon Pattern: GENTRY Number of Colors: 14 Price: $60.00/yard Specs: 30,000 double rubs Content: 100% Cotton
Momentum Textiles
Momentum Group is committed to creating design solutions tailored toward the evolving needs of the contract textile market. The four distinct textile brands composing the Momentum Group - Momentum Textiles, Sina Pearson, LoomSource and Textus - provide a comprehensive selection of products for commercial interiors.
Address: 17811 Fitch
City: Irvine
State: CA
Zip: 92614
Country: United States
Phone: (949) 833-8886 606
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Momentum Textiles
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