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An indicator light that puts users at the current state of the battery? A curved and pressure sensitive screen? The characteristics of this new concept are rare enough to make it interesting. Focus on the work of a designer Doha. Have you shared this article? Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Facebook Twitter The release of Samsung Galaxy S5 showed us a gap could sometimes separate concepts of reality. However, designers are not ready to stop to the fans who wait to come see the achievements more or less outlandish that come complete webosphere dream. Pressure sensitive screen and curved? Samy Ben Salem has not left trapped by an overactive imagination but offers a realistic and innovative concept that offers real news that might suit a good number of fans worldwide. For starters, the front of the iPhone 6 seems slightly curved, even if we do not have insurance because the designer does not rule it. Then other things are revealed by this designer based in Qatar. First he imagines a sensitive touch screen pressure. Depending on the intensity with which it relies, that could change the interaction with the smartphone. A good idea, difficult to implement, but could offer new opportunities for adjustments with one finger. Bright additions twice The other feature of this concept is its brightness, without knowing if it would be a problem on the battery. Ben Salem imagine an iPhone with a Touch ID surrounded by a halo of light, especially a battery level indicator with an LED. A handy little evolution: no need to turn on the screen of his iPhone to find out where is its autonomy. Finally, the aluminum clad smartphone, the designer incorporates a digital camera 12 megapixel accompanied by a double LED flash. A clear improvement compared to the iPhone 5S. If the design is the usual standards of Cupertino, there is no evidence yet that this concept more than any other, is approaching the final version of the iPhone 6. But it can at least do a little dreaming.En savoir plus: © Gentside, & is part of Archinterious/ADEX Awards™. All content, graphics are copyright © with publisher. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of publisher is strictly prohibited.
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