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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Custom

Gold Award
First non-formaldehyde cabinet to invited the global elite to enjoy the quality of permanent non-formaldehyde health cupboard. The design of Fadior inherited from the design of Florence, each product shows the style of international design masters.


Dedicated, professional, technical innovation, research and development as well as exquisite original smart technology, lead the global smart ambry industry innovation to create an effort for all mankind can enjoy half a century of classic kitchen.






Inspired by the Queen of England's residence Buckingham Palace, the door use the South American white cherry wood as the main material, supplemented by gold embellishment, all in the clear to the Fadior G006 series as Buckingham Palace, luxury, evolved from the fireplace stove and smoke cabinets, magnificent, scattered nakajima, copper bar glass doors, door panels arc is gorgeous, is elegant and stylish, comfortable ...... All the charm to keep the art and history.

Fadior, the world's first kitchen classic founder, has committed to serve the global high-end elite who offers a unique concept of home life and attain the unparalleled high quality kitchen. Fadior focus on the top of the steel material technology research and wisely made. The material have been used to airplanes, cruise ships, automobile, aerospace and other top technology products.

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