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Sorrento Aluminum Arm Chair


-Rust-free alu frame
-Commercial grade wall thickness and welds
-8mm Solid special alloy arm material
-Nylon Foot glides and space bumpers
-Available in Matte White and Silvery Grey

The Design Process

A designer's attempt for crafted minimalism to achieve a timeless elegance. Nevertheless, it was much harder to execute than originally anticipated. First came to the sketch board was the boat-shaped leg extrusions connected with thin/sleek arm profile on the side view. Other details were finished on the back of the arm with some softer lines on the top view. The challenge was the seating bucket being tapered and yet has to have 3-D boat-shaped curves which limits the needed dimensions. Production also efficiency had to be respected so as do not drive the cost too high. Solidworks engineering details were discussed multiple times with factory R&D to make sure the seat bars are exactly the same in the bucket. The outer frame of the seating bucket was a special extrusion which allows clean edges with zero weld on the visible sides and only reinforcement welds underneath. A seat-back opening angle of 104 degrees was maintained to ensure seating comfort. Took about 5 rounds of sampling to get it right for both the designer and manufacturer. The nylon foot glides are different between front and back due the angle of back legs.



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