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Lencore's Oral Privacy Program for HIPAA

In response to federal mandates for oral privacy, Lencore has introduced its Oral Privacy Program to help companies meet their HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) speech (oral) privacy objectives with Lencore's Spectra sound masking.


Lencore sound masking meets ASTM standards for speech privacy.


The Lencore Oral Privacy Program is offered as a service of Lencore Acoustics Corp. in conjunction with the purchase of a Lencore Sound Masking System. Contact your local Lencore representative for more information.


Lencore in collaboration with USG Corp. released in 2002 a joint HIPAA brochure detailing frequently asked questions about HIPAA and information on how to measure and control sound. The brochure offers helpful information to companies that are trying to bring their facilities into HIPAA compliance with regard to oral privacy. For a copy of this brochure visit or contact Lencore.The following is excerpted from a USG Press ReleaseNEW BROCHURE EXPLAINS HOW INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALSCAN MEET UPCOMING HIPAA ORAL PRIVACY REQUIREMENTSA new brochure produced by USG Interiors, Inc. and Lencore Acoustics Corp. details how architects, contractors, designers, building owners and other building/construction industry professionals can meet the new Healthcare Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requirements for oral privacy.This mandate requires that technical and physical safeguards to protect the privacy of personal health information (PHI) in electronic, paper and oral forms must be in place by April 14, 2003, in pharmacies, doctors' offices, universities, hospitals, military medical bases and other settings where health information is discussed. In the vast majority of cases, upgraded acoustical ceiling panels and a quality sound-masking system may be sufficient to meet HIPAA oral privacy standards.

Lencore Acoustics Corp. offers a full range of products and services that include sound masking products, music and paging, and speech privacy programs.Lencore's SPEC diagnostic software addresses speech privacy, acoustics and can document reasonable safeguards for HIPAA and GLBA compliancy efforts. Lencore is committed to providing energy efficient, sustainable products that meet insdustry standards for speech privacy, federal mandates and the acoustical needs of Fortune 500companies around the world.

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