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UPStart Setup Tool

UPStart is a Windows based application designed to communicate with and configure UPB devices over the existing house electrical wiring. Version 4.2 - Build 71 (Updated 08-22-05) Click Here To Download! Features: Create Beautiful Lighting Scenes Configure your lighting system with over 250 scenes. A single push of a button can activate any group of lights (or control points) simultaneously! Link Pushbuttons To Lighting Controls Specify which controller pushbuttons activate which devices or scenes. Customize Rocker Switch Actions Customize the level and fade rate that your Wall Switch Dimmers use when responding to single-tap and double-tap events. Turn Wall Switch Dimmers Into Transmitters Configure your Wall Switch Dimmers to transmit commands upon rocker switch events. A single rocker switch can be turned into a scene controller! Enable Status Feedback Configure your Wall Switch Dimmers to transmit status reports when local rocker switch events occur. Status report includes the current light level. Great for providing feedback to controllers! Customize Fade Rates Select from 16 different fade rates to be used when activating a dimmer, group of dimmers, or a scene. Fade rates range from Instant-On up to 1 hour. Customize Pushbutton Behavior Customize how your pushbutton controllers react to the singletap, double-tap, hold, and release events. Pushbuttons can toggle between two commands for each event! Customize LED Feedback Customize Status LED Behaviors Save Configuration Info To A File Save all of your device configuration information to a file for easy backup and for restoring configurations. Perform Device Functional Testing Put your UPB devices through their paces. Turn outputs on and off, blink them, fade them, and make sure they are in tip-top condition. Monitor for correct UPB transmissions upon pushbutton and rocker switch events. Perform Communication Testing Monitor the signal strength and noise level of your UPB two-way communications. Find problem areas. Create log files.

Founded in 1992, Powerline Control Systems (PCS) has been successfully developing and manufacturing reliable, high-quality lighting controls for the residential and commercial markets. PCS products are designed to use standard powerlines to communicate control signals without additional wiring. PCS has developed UPBâ„¢ powerline communication technology which raises the reliability of powerline control to a new level. Potential applications for this technology include lighting, appliance, heating and cooling systems, and web-to-device interfacing. Additionally, PCS developed IPC(Industrial Powerline Communications), a patented retrofittable lighting control technology for industrial and commercial applications. Based on PCS's award-winning UPB technology, used extensively in residential applications, IPC has been developed specifically for high noise, high attenuation environments. Without new wires being run to the lighting fixtures, IPC provides remote control of almost unlimited numbers and types of lighting fixtures. Lighting zones can include any fixture in the building regardless of the fixture's physical location, phase, circuit, or panel it is connected to. IPC allows for the lighting zones to be programmed remotely from a computer without physically accessing the fixtures or rewiring. PCS has been awarded the Home Automation and Networking Association Product of the Year (1999), as well as being chosen as a Top 50 Editor's Pick in 1998 (Lighting Control Module), 1999 (Multi-Module), and 2000 (Fluorescent Smartswitch) by CEPro magazine. PCS currently maintains membership in the following professional organizations; CABA and the Techome Division of the Consumer Electronics Association.

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