Mastic Structure EPS Insulated Siding

Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem Structure ® EPS Insulated Siding brings advanced technology with a simple and chic look to the home. Structure EPS siding was used on the first LEED Gold-certified sustainable home in Florida and LEED Platinum-certified sustainable home in New Jersey. Structure EPS allows homeowners to be environmentally responsible while simultaneously ensuring long-lasting protection of the home. The siding qualifies for ENERGY STAR ® and can efficiently lower heating and cooling costs for the home by up to 25 percent. Structure EPS is also 10 percent thicker than standard insulated vinyl. With one of the thickest insulated siding products in the industry today, homeowners will have the advantage of heat loss resistance and noise level reduction by as much as 30 percent. Homeowners will benefit from energy cost-savings throughout the year and therefore, enjoy a more comfortable home environment. Structure EPS Insulated Siding is made with technologies that ensure long-lasting performance. The exclusive Mastic Hang-Tough technology increases durability, making panels more resistant to cracks and impact distortion. The Duranyl 5000 ® protection system adds extra UV protection to keep the color looking fresh and spotless.


2008 Remodeling and Makeover Award from Women's Day Remodeling & Makeovers magazine 2007 Top New 100 Products Award from Professional Builder magazine


$140 per 10' x 10' square


Mastic Home Exteriors has been a trusted leader in the siding industry for over 50 years. The siding is dependable, especially with the Mastic V.I.P. Limited Lifetime Warranty that comes with the product, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Ply Gem

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