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SixE Chair

New shades of SixE - Colors of Denmark

The SixE chair has become a part of the HOWE family thanks to the collaboration with the great design duo PearsonLloyd. It beautifully expresses the best HOWE values, like flexibility and simplicity. The design mastered to the most minute detail is the core which stands behind each of our products. The SixE base and its absolute versatile function inspired us to start the next chapter for this chair – the time of a carefully handpicked new color palette.

The functionality, durability and finest quality go beyond the ephemeral trends. As so should the color range. The new SixE palette is genuine and universal, natural but not usual. It represents the HOWE motherland and was inspired by The Colors of Denmark.

The five new colors illustrate two sides of the Danish heritage. The cool and soft part of the surrendered by the ocean and sea waters landscapes, as well as a modern nurture palette derived from the rich tones of Danish cities, fashion, and architecture. The blended palette of these two opposite directions delivers a complementary color range, from the harmoniously natural to the culturally rich tones.

The Colors of Denmark, together with ubiquitous shades of black, white and HOWE grey, are replacing the current choice of 6 with the wider selection of 8 colors in total. Although, the new palette might be perceived as muted, it allows playing with both soft and delicate, as well as vibrant and spirited. The carefully picked colors are perfectly suitable for all kinds of environments and functions.


The premier of the Colors of Denmark palette is planned for fall 2020.

HOWE Furniture was founded in 1928 in Connecticut by Harold Howe. Inspired by the early Bauhaus movement – and the principle of form following function – HOWE started out making just about any furniture that was simple and outstandingly flexible. We take pride in continuing to explore this modern design tradition.

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