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Ezequiel Farca joins European designers, Antonio Citterio, Matteo Thun, William Sawaya, Roberto and Ludovica Palomba in contributing his own unique design collection to the Stanza line of bath fixtures and accessories.Sold to the Mexican market, Stanza's product line includes sink basin mixers, built in shower mixers, showerheads, washbasins, tubs, shower enclosures and bathroom accessories. All have clean modern lines and simple geometries, boasting outstanding finishes & manufacturing quality. When Stanza wanted to launch a collection by its first Mexican designer, they selected Ezequiel Farca for his reputation throughout Mexico and his prolific design career. Prior to the Farca collection, Stanza's pieces were designed and imported from Italy.Farca's concept is inspired by a return to the basic elements of the Greek and Roman bath's, their materials and love for bathing. Farca took the Greek letter, Sigma, and extrapolated geometries from its form that are simple, elegant, and ingeniously harmonious with their application as wall-fixtures, bath fixtures, and accessories. The form of all products in Farca's collection feature simple the Sigma's basic elements of a cylinder, intersecting with cubes. The Sigma element and its simple prismatic forms are represented in all the products even in the accessories. Fixtures and most accessories are finished in chrome, with a couple (the soap dispenser and tumbler) made from satin glass.The entire collection consists of: Three hole basin mixer, Three hole built in basin mixer, single lever basin mixer, tall single lever basin mixer, built in shower mixer, built in single lever shower mixer, built in single lever bath shower mixer with diverter, shower head with two options; wall and celling mounted shower arm, wall spout, hook, towel holder length 30 cm, towel holder length 60 cm, double tower holder length 60 cm, single and double toilet paper holder, soap dispenser and tumbler. The tall single lever basin mixer is made by a forging process, rather than by stainless steel plates - a process that is more complicated to achieve the desired height, but one that delivers a single, elegant form.

Gobernador Luis G. Vieyra 38, Roof office
Mexico City 11850
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