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Girder & Hanger shelves

Buster + Punch has launched its first shelving solution with Girder and Hanger, two shelves that blend refined luxury detailing with industrial strength.  

Lifting their cues from the I-beams and struts normally hidden away during the construction of modern architecture, Girder and Hanger have a powerful aesthetic that highlights their function. Based around a thick solid metal sheet, press bent into shape, the shelves can handle heavy loads with ease.  

The details are where the two pieces really come alive in a space, with thick solid metal guard rails to keep your belongings where they should be, polished to match Buster + Punch’s trademark coin screws. The Hanger shelf is given an additional solid metal glass rail to increase its functionality within a kitchen or bathroom space. 

Our love for working with rare, solid metals has led us to transform everyday functional fittings into extraordinary home details.

From the light bulb, the dimmer switch and the pendant lamp to the door handle and the cabinet pull, we are constantly creating an innovative collection of unforgettable design details.

Our work is inspired by London’s fashion, music and sub-culture scenes where we collaborate with street artists, bike builders and fashion designers to inject attitude into our crafted products.

24 Southwark Street, The Hop Exchange, Suites 7-9 & 12
London SE1 1TY
United Kingdom
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