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Authentic Reclaimed Shou Sugi Ban

Best of 2020
Our Shou Sugi Ban is crafted using an ancient Japanese exterior siding technique that preserves wood by charring it with fire.

Founded in 1984, Authentic Reclaimed is a hardwood flooring manufacturer specializing in Reclaimed & New Harvest hardwoods as well as pine.We are a family owned and operated company that offers a diverse range of architectural products with a limitless range of color oil finishes and textures, designed to perform in both residential and commercial environments. We specialize in wide plank floors with impressively long lengths, what sets us apart is our commitment to hand picking only the best materials and finishes. Much like the Farm to Table approach taken by great chefs, we fulfill all aspects of the manufacturing process. We work closely with our suppliers to acquire only the highest quality material available. We then handle the milling, grading and custom pre-finishing in our own mill in Locust Grove, GA. Our reclaimed material is harvested from iconic buildings, historical structures, textile mills and distilleries such as The Old Crow Bourbon distillery, Coca-Cola, John Deere and the American Tobacco factory. Materials that may have out lived their original purpose, but are ready for a new life and a chance for their story to be told for years to come. We believe reclaimed material offers one of a kind, breath taking character that can only be created by time. History lives on in flooring created from old timbers reclaimed from these turn-of-the-century buildings, we like to think that we give the wood what we believe everyone deserves, a second chance at life.From hardwood floors, to hand-crafted reclaimed French oak parquet tiles, and in everything we do, our mission is to help our designers, architects and clients achieve their unique vision. All our work is rooted in the belief that the use of reclaimed materials steeped in history add richness and depth to modern design.

4042 Hwy 42
Locust Grove GA 30248
United States
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