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push/pull handle

Highly frequented public buildings usually have many doors which are used daily by many people, often frequently. These doors have to meet high safety requirements for stability and usability. HEWI offers special solutions in the form of highly functional push/pull handles (in polyamide and stainless steel). The HEWI push/pull handle is mostly used in hospitals. With good reason: the heavy fire protection doors which separate the wards must be easy to unlock in the event of an emergency. The push/pull handle has been approved as a dress plate for fire protection and escape doors.The employment of a push/pull handle offers a high level of comfort in daily use. Doors equipped with the push/pull handle can easily be opened with one arm. Plastic latch key handle Stainless steel latch key handle Economic efficiency and DIN StandardsLoad-bearing capacityThe vertical journals in the push/pull handle provide optimised fixation and load distribution on the door.Protection of the door lock by bed-stop restriction and re-adjusting spring in the door handle.Tested by internal tests (according to DIN 18255) with 1 million locking cycles without problems.only minor wear and tear, thus no maintenance required.Technical AspectsHEWI push/pull handles can be fitted on any door, including small door frames (32 mm width).Almost every DIN lock can be used.Only minor fitting work necessary, as there are only a few components. DIN StandardsThe push/pull handle is subject to the supervision contract of MPA Dortmund and is marked with the Ü sign.Tested according to DIN 18273 for fire protection doors.Tested according to DIN 18255 for dress plates.Tests according to DIN EN 179 in preparation.Meets the requirements of the standards of BAGUV. The push/pull handle is recommended for public buildings, especially nursery schools, schools and hospitals

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