The newest member of our growing Ada family, Ada Wood is a warm and luxurious addition to our best selling sconce. Featuring two louvered shades of FSC certified white oak that can be positioned to bounce light where needed. Ada Wood’s distinct shade profile reflects the logic of its construction: a pronounced ridge houses the threaded inserts that connect the shade to body-mounted brackets and provides rigidity for the oak shades. The shades then taper to a thin edge profile to reduce the visual and physical weight of the fixture. Available in three sizes, Ada Wood is equally at home indoors along a hallway or outside beside an entry door.


FSC Certified White Oak



Brendan Ravenhill

Brendan Ravenhill Studio specializes in furniture, lighting, and product design. We’re located in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, where we work to strike the perfect balance between material, function and form in our designs. Our work is devoid of excess and ornament, striving for a logical celebration of physics, material and craft. We find great reward in making beautiful things and are proud to build all our pieces in the USA.


1855 Park Drive
Los Angeles CA 90026
United States
(323) 977-8532
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