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Natural Homes Magazine (May/June 2007) focused on green artists Rob Badger and Nita Winter Photography as Green Certified Businesses offering environmentally friendly fine art. Rob's specialty is nature and the environment and Nita's images portray the positive and diverse aspects of humanity. They also have been collaborating on a unique and striking series celebrating wildflowers, with their extensive collection including floral landscapes and intimate portraits of the flowers. Enhance any space with green art offering choices in sizes and surfaces, including paper, canvas, silk and other fabrics, aluminum, tile, and even tempered glass.Rob Badger Fine Art Bio:For more than 30 years, Rob Badger has created images for a wide variety of clients and art buyers. His extensive collection of nature photographs (geographically and seasonally diverse) range from dramatic, complex and colorful to soft and subtle. Rob's unique images have helped art consultants, interior designers and individuals, create the desired mood for a new environment, or enhance and beautify existing interior spaces. Exciting and dramatic images of wildflowers of the west have recently been added to his portfolio.Selected commissions and clients include AT&T; Chevron; The Center for Russian Nature Conservation; Mercedes Benz; and TIME and OMNI Magazines. Collections include Kaiser Permanente, Santa Rosa CA; Fawcett Corporate Art Collection, Tulsa OK; Fireman's Fund Insurance, Novato CA (24 prints); Mercy Retirement and Care Center, Oakland CA; Synopsis Corporation, Mountain View CA; and the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, San Francisco CA.Select from an extensive and varied collection of exquisite color (and black-and-white) images 8 x 10 to mural size.Nita Winter Fine Art BioFor more than 20 years, Nita Winter has been creating photographs for hundreds of clients and art buyers. Her unique images have helped art consultants, interior designers and individuals create the desired mood for a new environment, or enhance and beautified existing interior and exterior spaces.Her extensive collection of photographs clearly and emotionally portrays the spirit and diversity of America's adults, teens and children. Her images are found in many medical centers and clinics throughout the country.Her commissions have included:Utah Arts Council, Children's Special Needs Clinic, Salt Lake City UTKaiser Permanente, CA and TXSutter Hospitals, CABronson Hospital, Kalamazoo MIFour major public art projects: The Faces of Marin City, Novato, the Canal and Vallejo photo banner projectsChildren's Defense Fund calendars, Washington DC (1992, 1994, 1996- 9)Images are available in black and white, color and hand colored from 8 x 10 inch to mural size on a variety of surfaces such as indoor/outdoor tile, glass, and various fabrics. Non-paper surfaces eliminate the need for plexi-glass, which is not only very expensive when over-sized pieces are needed but is also a petroleum based (non eco-friendly) product.Call us to discuss your photography and art needs. We are here to help you create the best environment for you clients. We would love to talk to you about how to offer your clients eco-friendly art. New commissions and assignments are welcomed.

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