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ShweShwe is a printed, dyed cotton fabric that is often used in traditional South African and Lesotho clothing—especially skirts, aprons, headscarves, and wrap-around clothing. The fabric is characterized by small intricate geometric designs and dates back to Europe in the 1800’s. Interior designer, and ShweShwe designer, Ghislaine Viñas grew up in South Africa, immersed in the pattern on a daily basis. Thirty years later she has reflected back and found inspiration in ShweShwe’s rich history, giving a contemporary take on this popular fabric. The wallpaper’s colorways are based on South African wildlife and include Flamingo, Elephant, Kingfisher and Impala. The digitally-printed wallpaper is available on a number of materials, ranging from eco-friendly residential and commercial to vinyl and adhesive-backed fabric.


Flavor Paper is eco-friendly, using water-based inks and PVC-free, recyclable and recycled content when possible. All products are print-to-order for easy customization and little to no wasted materials.


2016 NYCxDESIGN Awards


from $300/roll

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