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Wild Thing

Wild Thing is a tropical jungle-style wallpaper that imbues spaces with a vibrant sense of paradise. The design idea was born when Viñas was researching tropical Indochine-style wallpapers and unable to find what she’d envisioned. Hence, this fresh version of the popular iconic banana leaf wallpapers in Wildly Pink, Wildly Mint, Wildly White, and Wildly Red colorways. The print is based on ideal tropical plant specimens that were photographed by her partner and husband Jaime Viñas; the studio then set about designing the oversized pattern. The digitally-printed wallpaper is available in the aforementioned four standard colorways on a number of materials ranging from eco-friendly residential and commercial to vinyl and adhesive-backed fabric. It can also be custom-scaled and colored to create a tropic environment that is balmy to torrid, depending on taste.


Flavor Paper is eco-friendly, using water-based inks and PVC-free, recyclable and recycled content when possible. All products are print-to-order for easy customization and little to no wasted materials.


from $9/square foot

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