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Gemma Collection

The Gemma Collection stands out with its optimistic elegance. Featuring a system of three veneers – oak, walnut, and colored birch – along with two base types, Gemma’s gentle geometry is easily adapted to its surroundings. The softly sculptural Gemma Stitch plays off the lightweight and laminar chair, extending the collection into informal collaborative spaces. Finally, there’s Gemma Table, an easygoing tabletop with three base styles and heights, with added power integration, adaptable for relaxation or light work.

The Design Process

Gemma was created from a broader desire to open a new path for Leland, and the design process fulfilled that desire from the start. We sought to create a forward-facing design that brings together modernist American design, Leland´s Midwestern origins, and European design.   The end goal was to create a simple – not to be confused with simplistic – aesthetic.  The collection’s friendly, quiet contours convey craft, warmth, and optimism without shouting. Created by Altherr Désile Park for Leland, the Gemma Collection stands out with personable elegance and optimistic flair. Bigger than a specific inspiration, Gemma was created from a broader desire to open a new path for Leland, keeping mid-century American values of optimism, expressiveness, and industrial experimentation as a foundation, while looking toward the future.

At Leland, we design furniture for good living. Inspired by our home state of Michigan, everything we need surrounds us—the company we keep, the nature outside our door, and the satisfaction of crafting by hand.

“Our approach is rooted in a defining Mid-Century Modern principle—that design should belong to its people and their surroundings.”

Second Nature
The furniture we sit, work, and lounge on should feel as natural as the air we breathe, and organic in the space it inhabits. In color, form, and spirit, the wonders of Michigan show up in our designs.

The Joy of Making
The spirit of Leland comes from the people who share our values: quality, authenticity, humanity. We find simple joys in the process of making and believe each person's story should be celebrated.

5695 Eagle Drive SE
Grand Rapids MI 49512
United States
(616) 975-9260
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