FSC Certified Wood-Wrapped Mouldings

Silver Award
By their very nature, Contact Industries' products have a strong environmental story to tell. After all, the company's core business of profile veneer wrapping is based on the efficient use of wood resources. The beauty of Contact's products, and its capabilities, is the way the company extends wood resources by applying real wood veneer to a variety of substrates. By utilizing high-value veneer only on the visible surfaces and using lower grade, sustainable material for a substrate, Contact extends solid, clear wood resources by as much as 50 times, compared to using solid wood for the same application. And, because the substrate can consist of virtually any combination of finger-jointed solid wood, MDF, particleboard, and even aluminum or vinyl, Contact veneer profile wrapped products can be engineered to perform even where solid wood won't do. Contact makes efficient use of veneer resources by removing minor wood defects and then finger-jointing and/or edge-gluing the pieces back together to create long rolls of flawless, clear veneer. In this way, Contact can improve upon nature by offering architectural moulding products in lengths up to 16 feet. As a result, installation is simpler with fewer end joints, and jobsite waste is minimized. Contact Industries' products are, upon request, available with FSC Chain-of-Custody Certification, and most any veneer can be sourced with FSC well-managed forest certification. With these certifications, Contact products can be used to earn points in six different LEED categories. Not satisfied with just environmental certification, Contact Industries is also ISO-9001 certified. Because of their unique engineered compilation, Contact's veneer profile-wrapped products are typically easier to install, more economical and better-performing than the products they replace.

Contact Industries

Contact Industries' innovative wood-wrapping technologies extend hardwood resources by wrapping them over common and not-so-common substrates, which simply means more for tomorrow. Contact's products allow designers to create something new and beautiful while saving resources. By creatively using the science of veneer and adhesive technology, this organization of 575 people works closely with design and architectural professionals to provide both standard and custom profiles that yield economical, aesthetically-pleasing components for a variety of projects.


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