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Rainbow Trout fish shaped mosaic tiles

I've been making my top / back / dorsal view Trout fish shaped mosaic tiles for about 15 years and sell over 500 monthly. My Rainbow trout tiles come with Brown or Black backs. The Black-backed Rainbow Trout fish tiles are my most popular of my Trout fish tiles that are available in a large array of colors. They can be purchased directly from my website;, sending me an email at, by calling me at the studio; (423) 259-8624, or ordering them on my ETSY Marketplace; are available in left- or right-facing trout tiles, and come in 6", 8", 10", and 12" sizes. This give builders, architects, contractors, tile installers, interior designers, and DIY people the ability to create any design from a meandering flow to a splashing spawning of fish. They can be used in an endless array of designs from sliced pebble stream designs to complex trout pond mosaic designs. They are also available as a profile (side-view) for ceramic tile walls and backsplashes.Next time that you are designing for a client; look like a hero and create a masterpiece bathroom that will provide the feeling of peace and tranquility with some of my top-view Rainbow Trout fish shaped mosaic tiles.


My tiles are shower safe / fully vitrified; fired at about 2280 degrees. This means with a proper tile installation that my tiles will outlast you; last for generations to come.



Tiles with Style is a decorative ceramic tile studio that is owned and operated solely by master tile artist, Diane H. Holycross. Diane specializes in custom hand made / handmade, shaped, mosaic, decorative tiles. She is very well known for her quality craftsmanship, elegant designs, and fully custom colorations. And yet, her tiles are much more than just decorative ceramic tile � Diane's purpose is to create a unique work of art, ornament, and architecture in your ceramic tile mosaic border, kitchen backsplash mosaic, tile countertops, ceramic floor mosaic tiles, fireplace mosaic tile designs, bathroom ceramic tile surrounds, and custom hand made tiles.rn

3094 Fitch Road
Ransomville NY 14131
United States
(423) 259-8624
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