Lens F46

From a whimsical concept by Lucie Koldova, Lens is a new massive suspension that can occur in different sizes, colors, and styles. The name of this product comes directly from its concept: each metallic disc lets the LED source funnel the light to the center similarly to a lens and releases the illumination to the ceiling by reflection, while the decorative pattern creates unexpected effects under the lamp. The suspension can be customized with different types of finishes to meet every design needs thanks to the versatility of the product family. The collection includes two types of suspension: the mono-lens (Ø 23 3/4’’- 35 2/5’’) and three-lens option (Ø41 3/4’’ – 63 2/5’’). The standard colors and finishes are Satin-finish burnished, Rust, Bronze, but the Multicolor and Custom RAL options are also available. Up to 25 production steps are needed to create the elements of Lens: the top light diffuser has a unique custom shape embedding the cables and it is created through a sand casting process of the aluminum. The various Lens options are created through a spun metal process: the craftsmen models the iron sheet until it reaches the desired diameter and thickness. Each lens undergoes a pressing step, where the metal is bent and forged to the needed concavity. A 3D laser cuts each disc to give the characteristic holes pattern filtering the light to the floor. At the end, an oxidation process is inducted by flame and it is followed by brushing, sponging, polishing and sanding.


LED Lighting
Natural Aluminum, Steel, Bronze, Brass


Retail Pricing from $2669 to $7344 depending on finish, size selected.


Disks in 2' and 3' Diameter.
Triple Clusters are ~45" and ~63" Diameter.

Exhibited / Launched at Euroluce / Salon Di Mobile in Milan April 2017. Available in North America Summer 2017.

Fabbian Illuminazione was established in 1961 as a company manufacturing lighting appliances for homes and for contract work. This aspect together with tradition and quality has always been evident in the product, with the result that the company has gradually acquired international dimensions and recognition. Results have been achieved through continual research aimed at interpreting market demands, while setting up precise marketing policies and strategies.

Fabbian, North East Italy based, manufactures all the components inside its own business units, gives her distinctive touch to new modern design trends through a wealth of styles, using advanced production technologies, interpreting the new concept ideas from a pool of international architects and designers. Research and Design is carried out by a team of qualified experts using computerised processes and control systems.

Experience, over a professional and qualified worldwide dealer net, always leads to the consolidation of specific technologies, forming a production philosophy that cannot be separated from new research and constructional methods. Commercially Fabbian is present on the Italian, European and Asian markets through a net of agents and retail shops and sister companies in USA and Brasil.

Top quality, reliable components are an essential part of the product. The construction, assembly and wiring are carried carefully out, checked at each stage of the production cycle in order to obtain a product that complies with envisaged safety regulations. Fabbian lighting fixtures, in fact, meet the strictly requirements prescribed from the major and qualified certification organization. Further, the company is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified. The company provides an after-sales service, giving a prompt, suitable response to customers in terms of information and solutions on best use of its products, through an efficient spare parts service and detailed documentation.

307 West 38th Street, Suite 1103
New York City NY 10018
United States
(646) 518-4160
Fabbian USA
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