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Airmada AirJet Shower Drying System

The Airmada Shower Drying System is a new, revolutionary product taking the bathroom industry by storm. The patented system uses air-jet nozzles to help dry the shower space after use. By drying out the shower surfaces, Airmada helps to prevent mold, mildew, slippery floors, water marks and after shower humidity.

Our Shower Drying System won the silver Best of KBIS Award for bath at the 2022 show, as well as the Best New Product award at the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Show in 2021. We were featured in the 2022 New American Home at the International Builders Show and the 2021 New American Home. Our Shower Drying Systems were included an article about solving and preventing water issues in bathrooms in The Washington Post, and most recently in a Forbes article about innovative new products. Airmada Drying Solutions is proud to work with rep agencies and showrooms across the US and soon in Canada.

The Design Process

Each shower is individually designed to dry all areas of the space the best way possible. AirJet nozzles are placed throughout the shower to dry the walls, floor, benches, and ceiling (in the case of a steam shower). Our kits consist of: rough in nozzles, nozzle trim, blower motor, manifold, flexible tubing, timer and relay. We offer a variety of different nozzle trim options to choose from.


We see the Airmada Shower Drying System in every shower, as its benefits address the main issues people have with their showers after use, water sitting on surfaces causing issues. Mold growth is not only a health danger to humans but it causes major damage to a home. The AirJet Shower Drying System works to circulate the air, drying out the shower space. This helps maintain a healthier, cleaner shower, without the use of harsh chemicals.


KBIS 2022 Best of Bath Silver Award, DPHA (Decorative Plumbing and Hardware) 2021 Best of the Year Award, Technology.


AirJet Shower Drying Systems start at around $1700, and vary depending on the amount of nozzles used, nozzle trim finish, and hp motor.


AIRMADA is a manufacturer of patented shower drying technology. The AIRMADA Air-Jet Shower Drying System uses a series of Air-Jet nozzles set flush to the ceiling or walls of the shower to significantly reduce drying time, mold and mildew. Simple to install, AIRMADA can be integrated into existing shower spaces, remodeled bathrooms or new construction. AIRMADA also manufactures a stainless-steel pocket for glass shower doors that incorporates the Air-Jet Drying System. The AirPocket Door creates an enclosed space for steam showers and eliminates traditional swinging doors. All of our metal components are machined and fabricated in Lincoln.

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