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Inspired by CROP CIRCLES, this rug is fashioned after one discovered in the UK at Hat Gate Cottage in the Wiltshire Savernake Forest. Shrouded by eternal mystery, Crop Circles represent the meeting of two worlds. Regardless whether you are a believer or not, you cannot overlook the geometrical finesses and beauty that they often embody.


All our hand-painted canvas rugs are priced per square foot and vary depending on the complexity of the design. Please email or call 604-879-7775 for pricing details.


Maude Décor's hand-painted canvas rugs are made-to-order allowing clients to customize both size and color. Custom design options are also available.

Contemporary yet classic. Fun but still serious. Maude Décor offers a range of made-to-order hand-painted canvas rugs, hand-tufted wool/silk rugs and archival prints. Designs can be chosen from a number of inspiring collections and custom design services allow clients to specify color, size and design.

405 - 128 West 6th Av
Vancouver BC V5Y 1K6
United States
(604) 879-7775
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