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PIR Fixture Mount High Bay Sensor with Integrated Light Sensor and Three Interchangeable Lenses

Gold Award
Available as a dual relay, alternating relay, low voltage or cold storage model Whether factory or field installed, new installation or retrofit, Leviton fixture mounted sensors provide fast, easy installation and immediate energy savings by automatically activating lighting only during periods of occupancy. Reliable passive infrared (PIR) technology detects occupancy, and the variable time delay - up to 30 minutes - is user accessible without power, tools or disassembly, and allows the ideal setting based on application needs. Included with the sensor are lenses for high-bay, low-bay and aisle mounting, allowing one unit to cover a variety of applications. The innovative Autocal feature performs an automatic daylight level calibration. Once calibrated, the sensor requires no further adjustment and immediately enters daylight harvesting mode, actively switching the connected fixture load ON and OFF in response to occupancy and available natural light maximizing energy savings through efficient light harvesting.• The OSFHP includes an active daylight sensor and controls a single load (also available in a 24V Low Voltage Model)• The OSFHD-xTW features dual relays with independent time delay circuits, in addition to active daylight sen¬sor• The OSFHD-xAW features dual alternating relays (daylight sensor not included on these models), to maintain optimal lamp life in fixtures designed to keep a portion of the lamps on at all timesCold storage and 480V models are availableWeb link:

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