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Leviton's Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology - 1000W Universal LED/Incandescent Dimmer

In March 2017, Leviton introduced its latest ground-breaking “hubless” home automation lighting solution, the Decora Smart™ with Wi-Fi Technology dimmer, which offers remote access, app-based scheduling and voice control for homeowners. The new product family, including the dimmer, simplifies residential lighting control from anywhere by automating interior and exterior lights using the free My Leviton app. Users can create scenes and customized experiences with adjustable fade rates, maximum/minimum illumination levels and more. The device can also be connected to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-embedded products to provide voice control through commands such as “Alexa, turn living room lamp to 33%.” The Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology product family includes both 600W and 1000W in-wall dimmers, with the 1000W product info submitted for your review, and 15 Amp switches that are all multi-way capable, as well as plug-in outlets and plug-in dimmers.The Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology devices support LED, CFL and incandescent bulbs and have also been engineered for compatibility with sensitive low-wattage LED bulbs. With standard dimmers, these bulbs can glow even after lights are turned off, but the new compatibility feature will eliminate this in most bulbs, so off really means off.


Leviton has been using Eco friendly packaging materials for years. All of Leviton’s packaging is recyclable and the majority is manufactured from reclaimed materials. The materials used in the manufacturing of Leviton’s packaging components can be categorized into three groups: Printed Paperboard, Corrugated Cartons and Plastics. Please visit for additional information on each category. Additionally, Leviton has partnered with Make It Right in an effort to build healthy and sustainable homes and buildings for residents in areas of need, including New Orleans and Kansas City. Leviton aims to advance Make It Right’s vision of “people around the world living in healthy communities and affordable, high-quality, environmentally sustainable homes.” As part of the partnership with Make it Right, Leviton donates a variety of smart solutions, including Universal Dimmers, occupancy sensors, GFCI receptacles and AFCI receptacles, which help homeowners achieve savings in energy and enhance safety. Make It Right was founded in 2007 by Brad Pitt after he visited New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward two years after Hurricane Katrina and witnessed the lack of rebuilding progress. Through innovative partnerships and community-led design sessions, Make It Right is working in neighborhoods across the country and educating others to change the way buildings are designed and built.






The Decora Smart with Wi-Fi dimmer represents one of Leviton’s cutting-edge light home solutions, which can control lights from anywhere using the Leviton app for iOS and Android, and can be connected to Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap or Alexa-embedded products, like the Nucleus touchscreen intercom for voice control – without a hub. Advanced settings are also available to precisely customize the right ambiance for every room, giving homeowners full control over their lighting.In addition to advanced functionality and compatibility features, the device features the new in-wall Decora Smart aesthetic. The dimmer hardware features a dim/bright bar placed vertically alongside the on/off rocker paddle while the vanishing LEDs on the left side of the paddle show current and target light levels with real-time feedback. Both white and light almond faceplates are included with the in-wall devices, and color change kits are available in black, red, ivory, gray and brown.

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