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Linear LED T8 Lamps

Howard’s Direct Replacement LED T8 lamp does not require an electrical re-wiring to install. Because the LED T8’s work with instant start ballasts, they are independent of the ballast
operating voltage which can be 120v, 277v, or 347v. This makes switching to LEDs as simple as changing a light bulb (no rewiring or special handling required).


• Direct replacement – works with existing fluorescent T8 lamp fixtures and instant start ballasts
• Low energy usage: One half that of existing fluorescent T8s
• Environmentally friendly: no mercury, no UV or infrared light
• Low lumen depreciation -- maintains brightness over its 50,000 hour rated life
• Minimum heat emission, reducing load on building cooling systems.
• No flickering
• ETL tested to comply with OSHA safety standards
• DesignLights Consortium listed


The Linear LED T8 also incorporates environmentally friendly passive components for a more reliable, longer lasting product with no UV light and no mercury. Using half the energy of a traditional linear T8, the lamp provides instant brightness, producing a 110° beam that spreads illumination uniformly, without hot spots or glare. Linear LED T8 lamps
are especially well suited for difficult applications including refrigerator/freezer cases, or high-vibration, hard to reach locations. They are perfect for general lighting, merchandise displays, offices or anywhere building managers want
environmentally friendly LED lighting.

Howard Lighting Products is committed to a bright future by offering a full line of high quality LED, fluorescent, and HID fixtures, lamps and ballast for both commercial and residential uses. Several of our products meet standards for rebates including CEE, DesignLights Consortium®, and Lighting Facts®. Howard Lighting is your one source for dependable lighting products.

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