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Surface Bolt Lenght= 9-7/8" 3801-30 Surface BoltLenght= 11-7/8" 3801-40 Surface BoltLenght= 15-3/4"

With Belvedere, Bouvet's tradition continues with a new refreshing line of door hardware. Belvedere is all together simple, bold and elegant, with rich and smooth finishes. Each original design is available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Antique Brass, European Pewter and Satin Nickel.Belvedere also offers the best technical options to make installation easy, and each lever and knob is spring loaded. Visit or call 1-888-419-8188, to request a free catalogue and the name of your nearest dealer.


When Henri Bouvet began creating decorative hardware in 1884, he established a French tradition of impeccable craftsmanship and innovative style that would become legendary.His clientele quickly expanded throughout Europe.

Today, his ageless hardware still accents the ancient doors and furniture of the region's finest homes.

Carrying on the company's celebrated heritage, Bouvet continues to create original designs that reflect modern expectations of quality and authenticity. Although, it has been more than a century, the sound of the forger's hammer can still be heard as Bouvet produces its timeless classics.

All of our enduring hardware designs are inspired by the finest traditional French shapes, lines and craftsmanship and destined to add the ultimate finishing touches to beautiful homes around the world

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