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Kaya-Guhm, Korean Zither

SKU: KG - 2The Kaya-Guhm is a traditional Korean Zither with 12 strings. You play the Kaya-Guhm while sitting on the floor of the stage. Its head rests in your lap, and its foot sits on the floor. The Kaya-Guhm has a range of over two octaves from E flat to b'flat. Our Professional Quality Kaya-Guhm has Mother of Pearl Inlays in the head, and a velvet sock to protect the foot of the Kaya-Guhm. Only One in Stock. PRICE: $1,250.00

Koreana Gifts has a 60 year history of providing the finest in Korean Gifts, Korean Ceramics, and Korean Dance & Music supplies.

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