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The Water Experience Space

Best of 2024
Renowned wine space creator, CellArt, has partnered with FineWaters, the world’s leading platform dedicated to showcasing premium bottled water, to create The Water Experience space. Inspired by the principles of terroir traditionally associated with wines and agricultural products, the collaboration aims to elevate water to an artisanal status, emphasising its unique flavour profile derived from the geography, climate, and minerals of its source. With sustainability at the forefront, the terroir of the water is preserved in the same way vineyards safeguard the essence of their grapes. This collaboration aligns with the rising trend of mindful consumption, offering a sophisticated alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages and a new environment where a water tasting experience can be enjoyed in the same way as wine.  Water is also an essential element in wine tasting and The Water Experience space combines the two in an innovative way, offering a unique journey for enthusiasts to explore the intricate interplay of water and wine and to build a collection of both.

Echoing the aesthetics of a fine wine cellar, The Water Experience space offers an immersive space designed specifically for collectors to explore and appreciate the diverse terroir profiles of premium bottled waters curated by Fine Waters. The pictured Fine Water Space occupies the outside or inclusive side oriented towards the whole family. A classic climate-controlled wine cellar fluidly continues on the inside or exclusive area with restricted access. The hybrid space represents the transition from wine to water in a visually stunning way. 

Founded in 2013, CellArt is the wine enthusiast's ultimate playground. From the design and manufacturing of dream wine spaces, extraordinary wine cellars, and tasting rooms, to the creation of unprecedented art pieces, limited-edition wine objects, and exclusive and visionary wine events, CellArt is inspired by the very best of what nature and human creativity have to offer. Driven by a passion for Wine and Art, CellArt opens up an exciting new world for the Wine enthusiast and presents a seamless narrative between the two traditions.


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